Beautiful nature
and warm people.
I want to share the
splendours of Japan
with the rest
of the world.

Li Jasmine

Senior Manager of the NOC Relations Team, NOC/NPC Relations Section,
NOC/NPC Services and Relations Department,
International Relations & NOC / NPC Services Bureau
Joined in 2016

Jasmine was born in China and a job opportunity brought her to Japan. A desire to share the splendours of Japan with the rest of the world took root within Jasmine while she was supporting the internationalization efforts of Yamagata Prefecture. Now as the point of contact for overseas negotiations, she is pushing for the success of the Tokyo 2020 Games.

In Yamagata, Jasmine found a harsh yet beautiful landscape and warm-natured people. After spending time living in China, Japan and Canada, it was in Japan’s Yamagata Prefecture that Chinese-born Jasmine eventually ended up working. The rural feel of Yamagata was quite different from Tokyo or Kyoto and initially left Jasmine feeling a little bewildered. However, as she settled down and took part in more and more discussions to support internationalization efforts in Yamagata, this initial bewilderment developed into a strong attachment to the Prefecture. This was the place that inspired a strong desire in Jasmine to share the appeal of rural Japan and its long-standing culture with the rest of the world.

Communication can bring together
two parties with different interests.

Jasmine began to consider a career change after working in local government for six years, before a position on an open and honest organizing committee, that was also relevant to the people of Yamagata, presented itself to her. At that time, since the organization consisted of just a few people and with no real idea of how things would develop, she felt a large degree of trepidation about changing careers. However, the welcoming nature of her fellow committee members left her feeling positive about making the leap.

Jasmine was then assigned as the primary point of contact for overseas negotiations while staying focused on the big picture for Tokyo 2020. She was to be responsible for the Asia and Oceania regions. Jasmine and her three colleagues now share a mission to deepen relations with Japan, China, Australia, Mongolia, and various countries in Southeast Asia among others.

According to Jasmine: understanding how to bring together people with different values and approaches is crucially important to us as we work towards the common goal of making the Tokyo 2020 Games a success. By acting as go-betweens for both sides, we are investing our energy into bringing all negotiations to a fruitful conclusion.

For example, in preparation for the sometimes-weekly visits from inspection groups, we connect representatives from nations wishing to inspect the sporting venues with the various venue construction sites. The groups who intend to inspect more sites pose a burden and a risk to those sites required to safely proceed with construction according to their construction schedules. However, creating a system that incorporates insights from inspection groups with expert knowledge of the various events into the construction process can benefit the venue sites. The real appeal of this job is being able to use one’s own initiative to foster joint development that surpasses a single country or standpoint.

Keeping myself updated to
handle increasing difficulty.

Normally a job gets easier the further along your career you are, but with this job the difficulty increases instead. As the start of the Tokyo 2020 Games approaches, the amount and quality of information I have to get to grips with increases and the overall pace accelerates as well.

Also, the scope of my work seems to expand relentlessly. I must have a good grasp not only on large-scale issues such as sporting venue conditions, the logistics of handling luggage sent over in containers by the various nations, or where to place each country within the Olympic village, but also on fine details such as the most suitable bedding for the athletes and the right size of TV to put in their rooms. The number of emails that fly back and forth is absolutely staggering. We have to respond to all questions from the NOC, even if we don’t know the answer or a decision hasn’t been made yet. I volunteer to take part in meetings I deem necessary for keeping tabs on this ever-changing situation, and I keep myself constantly updated in order to propel the organization forward. There is no room for being passive. For me to stop moving would be the same as the Tokyo 2020 Games not going ahead.

My hope for the world a year from now.

In 2019 my work will reach its climax. This is the year when the Olympic teams from all the countries of the world come together and the organizing committee announces their progress on preparations for the Tokyo 2020 Games.

How prepared can we be for the announcement? That very much depends on the culmination of our daily work in developing relations. However, the difficulty of negotiations and coordination that will be required is surely likely to increase far beyond the current level. We must deepen relations with every country in order to realize the overarching goal of success at Tokyo 2020 while respecting their different backgrounds and interests.

To be honest, the bar for the future is set incredibly high. However, our broad range of tasks always presents new challenges which provide growth and heightened awareness. I will go beyond the person I was yesterday to become a better me today. What kind of world will develop in the wake of our daily efforts? I honestly can’t wait to see what this world will look like two years from now.

Jasmine says that she would like to continue working in a role that involves international relations after the Tokyo 2020 Games.
After gaining exposure to many different cultures in her current position,
the appeal of Japan she felt in Yamagata is now stronger than ever before
and Jasmine intends to actively continue sharing Japan's unique charm with the rest of the world.
What methods of communicating this appeal are there?
Jasmine plans to utilize the knowledge and connections gained here
to explore unique and innovative ways of spreading her message.

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