No matter how old they
get people can change.
I want to change the lives
of 100 million people
through evocative and
inspirational marketing.

Bamba Michiyo

Director of Test Event Integration Section
MOC Planning Department
Games Delivery Office
Joined in 2019

While working in the teaching profession, training program development, and later marketing for a sporting goods manufacturer, the desire to work with things that stir people's emotions firmly took hold within Bamba. In the organizing committee, she supervises the simulation of all possible scenarios that could occur during operations and introduces training and practice measures in accordance with the strategy guidelines.

“I realized it was not only children that could cause my eyes to sparkle. There was the sight of elderly people becoming surprisingly engrossed in sports and cheering unbelievably loudly.” This happened when Bamba was working in marketing for a sports-goods manufacturer with its global headquarters in Germany. The company invited the people of Rikuzentakada City, which was hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake, to a public viewing of a sports event. “JAPAN! JAPAN! JAPAN!” The many cheerful voices of the people forced to live patiently in temporary housing filled the air and Bamba felt first-hand the true power of sport.

Try to anticipate all potential problems.

Within the organizing committee Bamba is entrusted with liaising information, which is one of the major keys to the success of the Games. Her mission is to establish preparedness strategies to ensure that all her operations staff can share information efficiently. These considerations range from whether or not to make public announcements when small children become separated from their parents, what to do if an athlete fails to arrive at the venue, or if the nearest means of transport stops running, right up to what to do if a terrorism threat is issued. If you attempted to count all the potential problems, there would easily be more than a thousand. To be certain about all operations, she implements training events according to these strategy guidelines and prepares for the actual event by correcting any aspects that are missing or have been overlooked. For the guidelines to function properly, it also falls to Bamba to seek an optimal way for ensuring her operations staff retain the necessary information.

She will need to rack her brains to determine the best methods and supplementary tools for her staff to liaise effectively. For example, if the person in charge of a specific assignment has to learn 100 guidelines, Bamba will need to decide what percentage how much of that should be relayed to their team or volunteer staff and how best to phrase things in order for staff to remember the necessary information. She says, “Honestly, I’m so nervous I have a stomachache. It’s never ending and there are no right answers. But the rewards outweigh the hardships. I love how challenging the job is because every time I clear a hurdle that stands in my way, I feel myself improving.”

I’m creating excitement with my own two hands.

“When Nagano hosted the Winter Olympics in 1998, I watched the action during the day and worked in a hotel close to the venue at night. There were also journalists staying there and I remember how much more exciting it was than watching on TV. This memory made me want to work in a supporting role at the Tokyo 2020 Games, and although I come from a marketing role in a sporting goods manufacturer, the job I managed to secure is quite different from the one that I had initially hoped for. Despite a little apprehension, based on not being able to directly tap into my past experiences in this new field, I have created a great opportunity for myself. I am aware that there are many people who applied in the same way I did but were unsuccessful in securing this chance. So, I intend to make full use of this opportunity and grow and change as a person.

Based on this resolution and through the work itself, I have realized that what I am creating is not a training plan but a conscious awareness for everybody involved. If we just tie people down with rules, running such a dynamic event will not be possible. Just as members of a volleyball team assist each other by stringing together passes to set up crucial points, I will go beyond my position to independently create positive momentum for the Games. With this aim in mind, I will ignite passion and generate enthusiasm in every person involved. Training is the tool at my disposal. If I can achieve this aim, then surely the Games will be a success and if the people running the event exude passion, then others across the globe can look forward to an evocative and exciting experience that moves them. It is like a form of evocative and inspirational marketing. I realized that this is the job I have been entrusted with. I am to be the source of this effect.” Bamba herself is currently being inspired by the Games to remain strong under pressure and face her own challenges head on.

All the experience I have gained,
has prepared me for this moment.

Bamba has always paid attention to her feelings and stayed true to herself by going after what she wants at each stage without hesitation and jumping in with both feet. Even if initially rejected, she has continued to knock on doors and forge her own path.

The things I did at the start of my career in the teaching profession and experiences such as giving up a job in training and development after just a year, despite the company practices agreeing with me, have all paved the way for the life I have today. I have accumulated experiences which prove to me that people can change and grow no matter how old they get. Although I followed conventions like a sheep, became disappointed and left a teaching position, I tried to deliver lessons that would leave a lasting impression and change the lives of my students. In jewellery marketing, the sparkle of one stone could make the heart flutter and I wanted to add the same sparkle to the daily lives of the people who bought them. While in marketing for a sporting goods manufacturer, I wanted to use the power of sport to ease the suffering of people no longer able to smile. Although I couldn’t achieve every goal, I am utilizing all of these experiences, even the frustrating ones, in the work I do today.

The feeling of engaging with students and the experience of developing training plans put into perspective for me how best to build momentum in the people involved in the Games. My experience is also relevant to creating training plans that allow people to work together as a single unit and implementing such plans. Every choice is mine to make as I build my life. And I am choosing to put all my energy into my current position. I want to create excitement by being more passionate than anyone else and making sure the work I produce moves me, so that it will continue to move others. Through this excitement, I want to change the lives of people all over the world. This is how I feel.

“Once we have made the Games a success, I’m pretty certain I’ll be utterly drained and not really be able to do anything for a while.” Bamba says.
However, it is easy to imagine that this situation won’t last long.
Soon enough she will start running towards the next evocative experience.
The next step could be related to sport, or in a different field entirely.
One thing she is certain of, however, is continuing to be the source of passion that changes people’s lives.

She is bound to continue jumping over the hurdles in her way as she revs her life into full speed, and this is why she is more excited than anyone about the future.

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